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Proportional valves VPDB VE 16 E from the German manufacturer HOERBIGER, are designed for hydraulic systems where the highest requirements are placed. Allows smooth and accurate pressure adjustment. It is easily adjustable by control signal, potentiometer or via relay. This servo valve is most common in TRUMPF press brakes. The package also includes a cartridge logic valve CVSE16C08 / HV08899.

Data sheet

2.0 kg
VPDB VE 16 E / HV08890
Maximální tlak
350.0 bar
Řídící signál
1.8-24V DC / 50-680 mA
Regulace průtoku
He doesn't
Regulace tlaku
20-350 bar
Maximální průtok
150.0 l / min
Minimální průtok
8.0 l / min

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