Hydraulic oils

Hydraulic oils
Hydraulic oils are used as a working medium in hydraulic drives and damping systems. Because they are incompressible, they can develop high pressure and achieve high performance in a small area. At the same time, the oil lubricates the metal parts, which reduces their wear. The products in our offer are tested in accredited laboratories, which have developed the highest quality for you for the long life of your systems.


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HM32 - 850 kg

Hydrol ® L-HM / HLP hydraulic oils for hydrostatic systems are produced on the basis of high-quality mineral base oils and a set of enriching additives that improve anti-abrasion, anti-corrosion and antioxidant properties.
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HV 68 - 850 kg

HV hydraulic oils are produced from high quality petroleum bases and a package of refining additives. They are characterized by high wear resistance and improved viscosity-temperature properties compared to HM-class hydraulic oils.
Price 61,200 Kč tax excl. 61,200 Kč tax incl.
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