Hydraulic accumulators containers
Hydraulic accumulators, or hydraulic pressure vessels. Accumulators of this type consist of a seamless cylindrical pressure vessel made of high-strength steel. The accumulator is divided on the gas and liquid side by means of an elastic bag mounted inside the container. The bag is filled with nitrogen to the specified gas filling pressure P0 by means of a gas valve. When the fluid is forced into the accumulator, the gas in the bladder compresses, increasing the pressure. The volume of gas decreases and on the fluid side, the fluid can flow from the accumulator. As soon as the pressure on the liquid side drops below the gas pressure, the accumulator is emptied. The oil valve is located in the oil port of the bladder-type accumulator and closes when the pressure on the gas side is higher than the pressure on the liquid side. This prevents the bag from flowing into the oil channel and thus destroying it. When the minimum operating pressure is reached, a small oil volume must be kept between the bag and the fluid volume (approx. 10% of the nominal capacity of the hydraulic accumulator) so that the bag does not hit the valve during each expansion process. The gas valve consists of an outer cap, a sealing cap, a filling valve, a gas valve body and a rubber washer. These parts can be replaced separately. The technical data and properties of the hydraulic accumulator are specified on the nameplate.


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Vje0.15 liters
Pmaxje250 bar
input M18*1.5
Female, filling valve M28x1.5,
Pmax 250 bar
-20 to 80 degrees C
nitrogen 30 bar
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